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40th Annual Eastern Lighting Collector’s Meet

Quality Inn, Somerset, PA     April 3-7, 2018 

Tom Small 814-634-5639   Tom Millman  513-734-6884   


  • Open to all with interest in fueled lighting. No membership required!!!
  • Room shopping begins when you arrive.
  • Lamp show on Saturday from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.  Vendor setup: 9:00-
  •      11:30 am. If earlier setup time needed, contact Tom Small.
  • Show tables available at $10 each; limit of four. If you need more, see us
  •      when you arrive. Tables are 8’ long by 30” wide.
  • Saturday evening buffet just for us. Prepayment required. We must meet a
  •      minimum number of meals sold for us to have the courtyard for our
  •      lamp show. Please consider joining us!!
  • Saturday evening seminar: Presentation and display by Mike Van Gorder.
  •      Mike’s program is titled “The Many Glasses of Henry Hellmers.” During
  •      his career, Mr. Hellmers made glass for several different companies,
  •      including The Mantle Lamp Company of America, creating his Alacite
  •      glassware for them. Mike will have on display samples of  the glasses
  •      Hellmers was involved with. You will find his program both informative
  •      and entertaining.          

Midwest Lamp Show & Sale   Johnston,  IA

                        April  18 – 20, 2018

Judy Jansen   402-895-2073   402-657-2853cell


Allure of Light Show & Sale   Chickasha, OK

                           May 11, 12, 2018

Mike Stuever   580-656-4033

Valerie  Wood  405-403-4132

46th Gathering of Aladdin Knights  –  International Lamp Show and Sale

                                           July  11 – 15, 2018   
Embassy Suites River Front Conference Center,  Peoria, Illinois

Tom & Maria Hopp General Knights     309-341-5940


Mideast Lamp Show & Sale   Richmond,  IN 

                          October  2018

Bob & Laura Daniels  309-385-2337


Make sure you check out our  “NEWS”   button above. For great pictures of each burner breakdown parts check out our  “LAMP MODELS” guides great when trying to fix your lamp and for calling us for help in getting the parts. Use the ENJOYMENT MANUAL”  to find out how to burn your lamp. 

KONE KAP ADAPTERS  Are available to use the lox-on mantles on your early Aladdin lamps FOR MODEL’S 3 THRU 11 LAMPS

Call us at 866-333-5267 Aladdin Mantles, Parts & Lamps, wicks, mantles, chimneys, Shades, Cabinetmakers Wax, Heater wicks, gas mantles for your yard lights, Aladdin Refrigeration Parts and even Oil Lamp Parts.

Aladdin Mantles are here!!!!

We want to be “Your Aladdin Lamps Source” for lamps, parts and help to make your lamp light up your world. GOOD PICKIN’S!


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  • Featured Products

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    Aladdin Lamps strives to provide for all of your lamp needs all in one place. Not only does Aladdin Lamps offer multiple types of beautiful and unique Aladdin lamps and Aladdin lamp shades, Aladdin Lamps also provides offers a wide variety of Aladdin lamp parts and Aladdin Lamp accessories. Look around at our options of Aladdin lamp parts including Aladdin Lamp Chimneys, Aladdin Lamp Oil, and Aladdin Wall Brackets. You are sure to find exactly what you need for your Aladdin Lamp!
  • Aladdin Lamps

    Aladdin Lamps (130)

    Aladdin Lamps is dedicated to providing you with the best possible selection and service. We want to cater to your needs and style by providing you with a variety of lighting options to fit your residential or commercial needs. Whether you are looking for Aladdin Shades, Aladdin Lamp Parts, or even Aladdin Mantles, we strive to give a variety of lamp selection all in our online store. Can’t find what you are looking for or want to know more about Aladdin Lamps? Aladdin Lamps entertains at shows around the country (see News). Whether you want to know more about Aladdin Lamps, are looking for Aladdin lamp parts, or are wanting to purchase a lamp from Aladdin Lamps online selection of Aladdin Hanging Lamps, Aladdin Shelf Lamps, Aladdin Wall Lamps, or Aladdin Table Lamps, Aladdin Lamps has everything you need all in one site.
  • Aladdin Shades

    Aladdin Shades (52)

    If you are looking for an Aladdin Lamp Shade, then Aladdin Lamps has just what you are looking for. Aladdin Lamps provides Glass Aladdin Lamp Shades, Parchment Aladdin Lamp Shades, Cloth Aladdin Lamp Shades, Fluted Aladdin Lamp Shades, and Styled Glass Aladdin Lamp Shades.
  • Aladdin Lamp Bases

    Aladdin Lamp Bases (25)

    Aladdin Oil Lamp Fonts and you can switch out the burners and use Electric burners also. Make sure you choose the brass or nickel style.
  • Aladdin HEATER Parts

    Aladdin HEATER Parts (7)

    Aladdin Lamps has all the Aladdin Lamp heater supplies you need when it comes to your Aladdin Lamps. No matter what your Aladdin Lamp heater need, Aladdin Lamps will provide you with the best options and service possible by offering a variety of Aladdin heater parts including of Aladdin Heater Wicks, Aladdin Wick Cleaner, and Blue Flame Mica Windows.
  • Aladdin REFRIGERATOR Parts

    Aladdin REFRIGERATOR Parts (13)

    Looking for Aladdin Refrigeration Parts? Aladdin Lamps offers a variety of Aladdin Refrigerator Burners, Wicks, and Flues. You can also find Aladdin Wick Cleaner and Aladdin Wick Raisers for your Aladdin Refrigeration needs.


    Aladdin Lamps offers Cabinet Makers 18th Century Natural Bees Wax. You can buy it by the bottle, or by packages of 12 bottles.


    Ker-O-Lite Mantles, Mantle Holders, Chimneys, & Shade Holders


    Parts for restoring your antique furniture
  • Oil Lamp Burners and Collars

    Oil Lamp Burners and Collars (18)

  • Oil Lamp Chimneys

    Oil Lamp Chimneys (91)

    Whether you need a new Aladdin Lamp chimney for an old lamp or a new Aladdin Lamp chimney for a new Aladdin Lamp, Aladdin Lamps has a variety of Aladdin Lamp chimneys to choose from to fit your perfect Aladdin Lamp. Need a different Aladdin Lamp accessory? Take a look at our other Aladdin Lamps accessories pages including Aladdin Lamp Oils and Aladdin Lamp Wall Brackets.
  • Oil Lamp Wicks

    Oil Lamp Wicks (22)

    Aladdin Lamps carries a number of Aladdin Wicks for your Aladdin Lamp needs. Click on each Aladdin Wick for more information. Our sister company in England, Hattersley Aladdin Limited, is now producing MAXbrite branded flat wicks for the American market. The quality is fantastic as eaach is tightly woven with high quality long staple cotton, You will be happy with the better burning wicks with the quality of MAXbrite wicks.
  • ZAP Glues

    ZAP Glues (15)

    Aladdin Lamps now offers ZAP Glue. You can find Pink and Green Label ZAP Glue, as well as ZAP GEL Gram Tubes and ZAP Debonder.
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    These are some of our most recent arrivals